• paperless-ng Terraform

    paperless-ng Terraform

    Terraform module to set up paperless-ng on AWS.

  • Loudness Wars

    Loudness Wars

    A closer look at how recorded music has been getting increasingly louder over the past 50 years.

  • Letscamp


    I wrote a bot that texts me when a Yosemite reservation I'm interested in becomes available.

  • COVID-19 Dashboard

    COVID-19 Dashboard

    Visualize COVID-19 cases and deaths in the United States.

  • Homelab


    Ongoing project of managing servers and services at home.

  • iHeart Hackweek 2019

    iHeart Hackweek 2019

    Spent a week in a New York mansion working on a side project with some coworkers.

  • Hackfort 2019 - Creative Outlets Inspire Innovation

    Hackfort 2019 - Creative Outlets Inspire Innovation

    I gave a talk on side projects and innovation at a music-meets-tech festival in Boise.

  • Launchpad


    A side project I did at work to showcase innovation at the company as part of a new corporate website launch.